Helping Your Small Business Accumulate


Virtual CFO

We offer all the CFO services you need with the convenience of phone calls, video conferences, and email. Our team affords all the benefits of a hired CFO, without your business having to staff the role in-house or full-time.

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Tax Planning

We’ll analyze your business’s financial situation and forecast your future growth to build a strategic tax plan. We’ll ensure all elements of our business are working towards tax efficiency, helping you maximize your profits.

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We offer a full suite of bookkeeping services for businesses participating in our Virtual CFO or Tax Planning programs. Our team works behind the scenes to ensure your business’s continued financial organization and health.

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Your Partner in Growth

We Understand the Big Picture

The Cash is King mentality is one of partnership, accountability, and prosperity. When we work with clients, we think of ourselves as an extension of their team, helping them set and meet their financial goals. Our team benefits from years of industry experience, taking the perspectives and insights from the big business world, and applying them to smaller, dynamic teams.